What to Consider when Purchasing a Used Lawn Mower

Purchasing merchandise that is gently used can be a good way to stick to your budget. However, you need to consider some things applicable to all second-hand purchases. You need to ensure the item meets your needs, it works well and it is in great condition. Also, know how much it costs and how old it is. In case the item needs to be repaired, know how much you will have to spend for it and if you can easily avail of the parts and materials needed for the repair. If you are buying a used lawn mower, you need to have specific questions. The following are pieces of advice on what to look for as you make such purchase.

Used Lawn Mower


Begin your search by checking at the prices and features of new lawn mowers. This allows you to set a realistic benchmark for second-hand lawn mowers which you will consider. Consider paying over 60 percent to 70 percent of retail on this equipment which is 2 or 3 years old. But do this if the machine is in good shape.

Just like nouvelle chargeuse à bois, new lawn mowers are available in a range of prices. Some gas-powered lawn mowers are selling for $138 while self-propelled gas mower can cost you up to $267.  Walk-behind and self-propelled gas mowers that are made with special features can sell for $1,000 or more. A riding mower will start at about $1,000 and go up.



It is a good idea to stick with famous, name-brand engines to ensure that if the mower needs repair in the future, you can surely find parts.


A used lawn mower can be bought from an individual or a reputable dealer. In case you decide to purchase one from a dealer, know what the store has done to the machine, the reason its previous owner sold it and if there is some kind of warranty. The average warranty is 30 days; however, the warranty length is likely to vary depending on the condition and age of the lawn mower.

If you buy this machine from an individual, don’t forget to ask whether he retained some paperwork about the mower. You can ask for the original purchase receipt so you will confirm the used mower’s age. Maintenances records will be able to tell you if how often the machine has been serviced if it was.


Maintenance History

Maintaining any machine regularly is imperative to keep it in great condition. Pay attention to the seller as he tells you the following basics:

  • Cleaning the air filter whenever you do few mowing.
  • Check the oil before you start the machine each time.
  • Servicing the mower every year including new spark plugs, oil change, blade sharpening and air filter.
  • Air filter- The filter must be dirty and black.

Maintenance History


After finding a possible candidate, the following things should be checked.

  • Wheels- See if the wheels are wobbly. Are there cracks in the tire? On a riding mower, determine if the tires’ treads are worn down.
  • Push Mower Handle- You do not want to see bent or kinked up cables or the handles to be loose.
  • Oil- Oil must be clean and fresh.
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